Why is turmeric contraindicated for patients with common bile duct obstruction?

The Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Centre website states that turmeric is contraindicated for patients with common bile duct obstruction. Does anyone know why? (I do know that if the obstruction continues then I will turn a lovely shade of turmeric/yellow.) Thanks.


It can cause contractions in the gall bladder, further obstructing the flow. Curcumin (the yellow/orange stuff), an extract of turmeric, can also cause this.
The liver produces bile, the gall bladder stores and releases it as needed. Bile duct obstruction interferes with this process, as so do these contractions.

what is the cause of both a distended common bile duct and pancreatic duct?

Is it possibly due to the removal of the gall bladder? Could that effect it?

Common bile duct and pancreatic duct join and open as common in 2nd part of duodenum at ampulla of vator.
Any pathology at ampulla will cause CBD and pancreatic duct dilation.
Needs GI specialist advise for abd.USG,UGI Endoscopy and ERCP to decide.

What does having a moderatley distended gallbladder without stones and a common bile duct measuring 7mm mean?

it means that your gallbaldder is either streched out of palce or swollen out of place... but that you have no stones and your CBD is 7mm in diamater which is a normal but on the larger end in size . If your DR sent you for an ultrasound because of RUQ pain they would look for stones and look at size and orientation of biliary organs. All that tells me without other info is that they rulled out stones (if your haveing pain it isnt beacause of stones.)

What is mild ectasia of common bile duct?

What are the reasons for stone in Common Bile Duct ?

After surgery of Gall Bladder.

This is a gallstone - even after having your gallbladder taken out it is possible to still have a stone left behind in the bile duct or for a stone to form in the duct later. Happens because the make-up of your bile (liquid produced by liver to help dissolve fats) is prone to forming stones. Some risk factors include being overweight, fair skinned, fertile/pregnant, female and aged over 40, but other people get them too. A stone in the duct can cause jaundice and inflamed pancreas, so it may need to be removed. HTH

Who was the football player that died of Common bile duct cancer?

Pro Football Hall of Famer, Walter Payton, died November 1, 1999 from bile duct cancer.


Blocked common bile duct and jaundice question.

I had an ERCP done on July 23rd to remove a gallstone from my common bile duct. I was very jaundiced at the time. It's now almost 3 weeks later and I've noticed that my eyes still seem to have a bit of a pale yellow colour to them. Certainly not as noticeable as it was, but definitely still there. How long should it take for the jaundice to disappear completely? I would have thought it would be gone by now, but I really don't know.


It depends on how severely jaundiced you were at the onset of your illness,like how many months. Your best advice is to stay outdoors in sunlight, to make the jaundice go away faster.Most babies need 6- 8 hours of sunlight exposure (being in a bright window) for 3 to 6 weeks.

what is the measurement of common bile duct in a 60 year old patient?

The mean diameter of the normal common duct was 4.1 mm. A common duct greater than 7 mm (circumfrence = 21.98 mm) in diameter can be seen in (a) nonjaundiced patients with gallstones and/or pancreatitis, or (b) jaundiced patients with common duct obstruction by stone or tumor. A common duct greater than 11 mm (circumfrence 34.54mm) in diameter is strongly suggestive of obstruction by stone or tumor.