What is the difference between pus & serous fluid?

A small wound that is healing is draining a yellow-like fluid, serous fluid is a normal healing of a wound, but how can I tell if it's pus or serous fluid? This small wound is almost gone, but it is seeping this fluid!

You have already answered the question. The would is healing and drain a small amount of serous fluid Protect when not at home and leave it open to the air in a controled environment(home). If it stops healing and looks worse with pain and swelling or red streaks, get professional help quickly.

While you are recovering you should not visit any are where you might come in contact with immuno-compromized people.

In cases of a ruptured appendix, what serous membrane is likely to become infected?

In cases of a ruptured appendix, what serous membrane is likely to become infected? Why can this be life-threatening?

From all the anatomy & physiology questions you're asking, I'm assuming your a student. We can give you good Answers, but I encourage you to look them up on your own so that when you become a healthcare provider you know what you're doing...

The peritoneum is the serous membrane that can become infected after a ruptured appendix. Peritonitis results, which can then result in death if not treated. (Feel free to look up peritonitis...)

I have a pimple on my scrotum is it serous?

Is it serous becuase im just 13 and im really anxious and worried i haven't done anything to it I just have 1.

I bet it's not a pimple - I bet it's a little infection in a hair follicle. Scrotums don't get out in the air much, so it's surprising they don't get more infected hairs... just keep your eye on it - and put a tiny bit of alcohol on it if it begins to bleed out.

Fluid in the middle ear in adult (otitis serous). How to treat at home?

I went to the doctor today and learned I have otitis serous or fluid in the middle ears. They cleaned and flushed my ears and a lot of really dark, gross wax that was impacted came out. The nurse practitioner told me to take a decongestant like Claritin-D but I cannot stand products that contain pseudoephederine and was hoping for a natural remedy. She said no antibiotics were necessary because the ears aren't infected.

Can I just leave it alone and it will go away? I have Murine Ear Wax Removal drops, but I don't see how they could help because the wax was removed and now there's just the fluid in the middle ear area that needs to drain/dry up. Any tips or advice? I'd prefer not to take medicine for this if at all possible but would like something to expedite the healing process. Although my ears don't feel as clogged as they did before the wax was removed, I can definitely feel the fluid in there which is a bit uncomfortable. Thanks!

hi i have the same problem, the doc gave me zyrtec, I also cannot take anything with pseudoephederine . if you try regular claritin that one doesnt have pseudoephederine but claritin-d does have pseudoephederine . try zyrtec the doc says ts supposed to dry out the fluid, i hope it does i am going crazy too.

Could a 250 mL non-specific serous pleural effussion lead to respiratory failure in a 85 yr old pt?

Taking into consideration that the pt just had a lap chole? Pt wasn't excesively sedated.

Pleural effussions (pleurisy for the older folks) can be serious. When even a small area of the lung is collapsed it can lead to pneumonia. This is even a greater risk since the pt is post op. The main thing you can do is encourage the pt to take slow deep breaths expanding the area around the effusion. This keeps any secretions mobile. They were probably given a incentive spirometer for this purpose. I also like the flutter devices for this.

What two membranes make up the serous membrane surrounding the lungs?

I have pleural but don't know the other one. THanks
Thanks!i think you're right

The pleura is a doble layered serous membrane that covers lungs. I am not sure exactly what you mean by surrounding lungs. There are several membranes in the area of the lungs. I do think you mean Visceral Pleura which is the inner layer and Parietal which is the outer layer. These two cover the lungs.

What are the treatment outcomes for papillary serous carcinoma endometrial?

Try to give information in lay terms, not for professionals.

From what I have found. The 5 year survivability rates are 36% for all stages.
What staging means is that as the cancer grows it's cells change. This change can be seen through a microscope and this is where a pathologist gives it a stage. A stage tells you how are along the growth has taken place. It is a poor indicator of severity for treatment of medical condition. A TMN (Tumor, Malignancy, Lymph node) grading scale is better for virtually all kinds of cancer.
The information I have found states that there is a 36% chance you will live for another 5 years despite how far along the cancer cells have matured. This source is not a definitive or recognized medical text and should not be the main source of your information, but it's the best I could find.

A better source talks about adjuvant therapy: "however, a review of the literature indicates that radiotherapy results in a 55% survival rate of only 55%, with follow-up ranging from 3 to 9 months [21-26]." so little more than 1/4 succed.

Your doctor will be the best source of information. If you don’t trust his opinion I suggest finding another equally qualified doctor to get a second opinion. Hope this helps.

What is the serous membrane that lines the peritoneal cavity?

isn't it the peritoneum?