Epiglottis? How can I keep my throat from spazzing up when I have an anxiety attack?

HEY CHERRYBUN thanks for the reply. I had to go to the ER the other day. The doctor gave me clompin and it helped ALOT... but I still have them because I'm afraid I will have them. I'm afraid of the choking. What do I do? It will be wednesday before I can see a doctor over this.

You are going to have to treat the anxiety..its useless treating your throat and still have the main problem with anxiety. If your anxiety is that bad that you are having frequent attacks and trouble breathing i would suggest seeing a psychiatrist for possible medication.

Of course medication is not a "cure", its only a temporary control. You have to learn to control your anxiety...i know this can be very difficult, i've suffered from it myself and sometimes you feel like you're dying! However i would give behavioural therapy a shot; try seeing a psychologist or psychotherapist, they can give you tips on how to deal with your anxiety on a daily basis and how to become stronger so that you can fight it off.

Best of luck!

what does it mean when you have a 18mm cystic on the epiglottis on throat?

i was diagnosed witha 18mm cystic on the epiglottis on the base of tongue about 4 months ago can anyone tell me what is this mean??

I can see my epiglottis is that bad?

I look in my throat and behind my tongue is a flap that is pinkish colored and I looked it up and the only thing this flap can be is the epiglottis. I know it isn't the uvula or my tonsils. It seems like it's a loose flap and when I breathed in it moved backwards. Is this bad?

no big deal

Is it bad if my epiglottis is easily visible?

I noticed a large white stem-like thing partially visible when I stick out my tongue. Is it bad if I can see it? It doesn't hurt me or anything... I'm just wondering...

No, not bad. If it doesn't hurt, you have nothing to worry about.

Hyperemic edema of the larynx and epiglottis that rapidly leads to respiratory obstruction in children?

Most likely caused by? One of the following:
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Neisseria meningitidis
Haemophilus influenzae
Haemophilus hemolyticus

Please don't just guess, this is for school work.

Haemophilus influenzae is my guess. I'm not sure. Check out the link.

are you suppose to see your epiglottis?

I have white spots on both my tonsils, they do not hurt i went to the doctor and got a shot for strep a while back because they did hurt but the white spots did not come off, and i can see my epiglottis which i couldn't before and i keep having mucus in my throat that i cough up.

it sounds like a different type of bacterial infection, go get antibiotics from the doctor. seeing your epiglottis can be normal, depending on the way you position your head/throat/tongue when you look. unless you feel serious swelling in the back of your throat, seeing it is normal.

My epiglottis is trying to kill me! What should I do?

I can't stop choking on things today. I think my epiglottis wants to kill me for the insurance money and then flee to Mexico! How can I stop this madness?

Cut it out with a precise laser.

What are the protective structures (epiglottis,cilia,etc.) that keep respiratory clean and free of debris?

Well, you already got two of them. But the main one is the nasal mucous membranes Starting from the exterior nares back through the nasal cavity and down the throat. The nose is designed to produce turbulent flow so that the air is thrown around in all directions hitting the walls(mucous membranes). This is a very efficient way to clean the air while not having to put an actual filter in there. The dust, particles and what have you, got caught in the mucous and either comes out the front and you blow your nose or it drips out the back into your throat. Anything that might get by is caught in the throat by the epiglotttis and other surfaces of the pharynx. The mucous membranes extend down the trachea, bronchi to the bronchioles. The difference between bronchi and bronchioles is the cartilage that support the walls of the bronchi disappear in the bronchioles. They are supported from the outside by connective tissue.
Ok Then you know about the wavelike action of the cilia transporting debris trapped in mucous up to where it can be coughed out. In the case of infection of course it would clear the bodies from the battlefield, so to speak.