Does anyone know if a herbal vitamin called curcuma comosa roxb really work for vaginal tightening?

Hi, i came across a herbal vitamin called curcuma comosa roxb for vaginal tightness and wanted to know if they really work?i already know about kegel exercises they aren't work for me?

A friend of mine took it and it did not work. There is one very simple exercise though which works--for the vagina as well as a stronger bladder---just squeeze your vagina and butt muscles and let go and do that every opportunity you get---that will really tighten your muscles. You sit at work, you constantly squeeze and let go, you walk and constantly do that, you do it when you are intimate---and the more you do it, the better you will be able to control your bladder and your vagina will be nice and tight.....oh, and guys just love that exercise!!!

Is curcuma the same as curry?

I bougth some curcuma powder and I want to know if I can use it as if it was curry powder

no, it is not
Curcuma is one of the ingredients in the curry mixes.
It is a yellow spice that is the one that gives the yellowish color to the curry
Some curries are darker than others depending on the type of species contained in and the amounts of each one. Every region has its own.
you can use curcuma alone for coloring rice or stews no problem as saffron.
It is called Indian Saffron too.

The name curcuma is derived from the old Arabic name for the kurkum plant better known as saffron although it is not real saffron.
It has a peppery, warm, sharp, bitter flavour and a mild fragrance slightly suggestive of orange and ginger.

In fresh state, the rootstock has an aromatic and spicy fragrance, which by drying gives way to a more medicinal aroma. On storing, the smell rather quickly changes to earthy and unpleasant. Similarly, the colour of ground turmeric tends to fade if the spice is stored too long.

Tumeric and curcuma are the same thing, right?

I have a spice jar labeled "tumeric" and another labeled "curcuma" -- but these are the same thing, right?

yes curcuma longa is the botanical name of turmeric.

Curcuma is a spice...what is it called in English?

I couldn't find it in my French-English dictionary and it's HUGE!

Here is a site with the spice:
is it turmeric?

Yes, tumeric. Curcurmin, the colouring derivative, is often called "tumeric yellow".

Curcuma is the family of rhizome, but the phonetics of the word are often used to describe tumeric, ie. Kurkuma.

can I buy the fresh rhizome of curcuma longa by Internet?

I need some fresh rhizome of curcuma longa for work in lab in university.

Having done a search, it does not look possible!

How much Curcumin or Turmeric should I take?

I am looking at taking some curcumin pills but am not for sure how much I should take. The pills I'm looking at taking say "Turmeric Root Extract (Curcuma longa) (95% Curcuminoids = 475mg)" Each pill is 475mg. Is this a lot of Curcumin. I've heard only 2% of Turmeric is Curcumin.

You have the right kind, Turmeric extracts are usually 95% and they are the strongest. How much you should take depends on your condition. Most Turmeric/Curcumin products recommend 2 or 3 day. I have taken as many as 12 daily for intestinal inflammation. I have a customer who took so much turmeric for an inflammed eye her hands turned yellow (temporarily, don't get alarmed). I don't know what brand you have, I would start off taking the amount recommended on the bottle, you can always increase the dosage if needed for acute situations.

where i can get all chinese medicine in chennai and coimbatore?

Chinease medicines i needed are
Gold coin grass,
Chinese Bitters,
and Curcuma where i can get these in india

try calling up this place,not sure though

Are cumin and curcuma the same spice? Are they derived from the same spice? Are they totally different spices?

NO they are NOT the same, they are indeed totally different spices!

curcuma is the Spanish name for tumeric (curcuma longa in Latin)

cumin is called comino in Spanish.